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Dear Guests:

Welcome to Adachi-Office page.

Adachi-Office is a consulting firm situated in japan and represented by Masayuki Adachi, a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer).


Masayuki Adachi is a consultant having well experienced legal expertise in preparation of the formal documents which require deliberate consideration on legal consequences and effects for preparation.  

In addition to the knowledges of Japanese civil and commercial laws, he has extensive familiarity with the laws on international business operations.


Also he is entirely conversant with the laws on people's transnational movement into Japan and are authorized to submit a visa application to immigration office on behalf of foreigners .

If you intend to have a business operations in Japan or with Japanese company or wish to make a long term stay in Japan, you can count on us for enjoying adequate legal consultation on relevant Japanese laws and regulations as well as appropriate preparation of necessary legal documents for achieving your purpose.

 We can be of your good help and support if you are:


Business Enterprises:

•    who wish to prepare a tailor-made contract

      for your business (English or Japanese)
•    who would like to have a draft contract

      reviewed by a legal professional
•    who need a translation of a contract 

•    who wish to seek a business counterpart

      in Japan
•    who would like to apply for a business license

      in Japan

•    who would like to establish a new company,

      branch office, subsidiary, representative

      office or NPO in Japan

•    who would like to invite non-Japanese

      employees from overseas offices to Japan


•    who need professional advice regarding visa

      and status of residence matter
•    who would like to dispense with the time to

      go the Immigration office
•    who are planning to change jobs or start a

      new company

•    living abroad who wish to work in Japan


For any inquiry on our services, please contact the following:
   Masayuki Adachi
   Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer
     Phone      : + 81-49-277-3863
     Facsimile  : + 81-49-277-3869
     Email        : Use the "Inquiry"  of this site

     Address   :  Asamori building 302

                       Sugawaramachi 20-2

                       Kawagoe-shi, Saitama

                       350-0046  Japan